Visa Status Registration

When a foreign national first enters into the United States they are "registered." That means that the visa documents are reviewed and the foreign national is given a visa status to remain in the United States. Foreign nationals should be sure to print their I-94 record from the United States Customs and Border Protection website each and every time they enter the United States.

Domestic Travel

Under United States law, foreign nationals are required to carry visa documents with them at all times. In practice the law has been satisfied if a foreign national is able to produce visa documents within a reasonable time (e.g.; from a residence nearby). When a foreign nationals travel away from Durham, they need to carry their visa documents with them. International students and scholars should have their passport, I-94 record, and appropriate visa document (I-20, DS-2019, I-797, etc.) Although transportation lines and law enforcement officers do not ask for these documents 100% of the time, they do have the right to ask for them.

International Travel

For questions on international travel, please see our Travel Abroad and Re-entry webpage.