F-1 Students must:

  1. Download and review the sample I-765 instructions (under construction).
  2. Download the Current version of the Form I-765 and complete it prior to meeting with your advisor. This is a fillable form. USCIS prefers receiving applications completed using the fillable option (i.e. typed), but if you choose to complete your form by hand, be sure you write legibly.
  3. Read the Specific Instructions below to assist you with the completion of the Form I-765
  4. Important Note: Read the instructions below carefully to assist you with the completion of the Form I-765. Applications with incorrect or missing information will be subject to potential OPT denial.

J-2 Dependents should consult our J-2 Work Authorization webpage for detailed instructions on completing the I-765.

Specific Instructions

Part 1. Reason for Applying (page 1)

I Am Applying For

  • 1.a. Check the box indicating you are applying for "Initial permission to accept employment"
  • 1.c should only be checked for STEM applications

Part 2. Information About You: Your Full Legal Name

Follow the instructions for name order carefully. (Family or Last Name) preferably all in CAPITALS. Enter your first name and then your middle name (if applicable). Please have your family name match what appears in the biographical page of your passport and on your Form I-20.

Part 2. Information About You: Other Names Used

Enter other names by which you are known.

Part 2. Information About You: Your U.S. Mailing Address (page 2)

Leave this blank at this time. We will discuss your options at your OPT appointment with your International Student Advisor.

Part 2. Information About You: U.S. Physical Address

Please enter your current home/apartment address

Part 2. Information About You: Other Information

Alien Registration Number (A-Number) – complete ONLY if you have applied for OPT before.

  • 12. If your answer is “No” and but you received Curricular Practical Training (CPT) approval, complete Part 6, 1.a, 1.b., 1.c., and 3.a. through 3.d If your answer is “Yes”, go to Part 6 and complete 1.a, 1.b, 1c. and 3.a through 3.d.
  • 13.a. DVS recommends that you apply for your Social Security card independently of this application if you do not have an SSN yet.
  • 14. Per above check “No” and skip to 18.a.

Part 2. Information About You: Information About Your Last Arrival in the United States (page 3)

  • 21.a. Enter the date of your MOST RECENT entry into the United States. Check your I-94 admissions record (www.cbp.gov/i94) for the exact date. If the most recent entry is from Canada or Mexico and your I-94 card was not re-issued, then check the passport for a date stamp.
  • 23. Provide the name of the city and state in the United States where you MOST RECENTLY arrived. Again, check your electronic I-94 “Travel History” if you cannot remember.
  • 24. If you entered the United States as an F-1 student, then write "F-1 Student." If you entered in a different visa category, then consult with an International Student Advisor to be sure.
  • 25. Enter "F-1 student" into this field
  • 26. Located on the top left corner of your I-20 form

Part 2. Information About You: Information About Your Eligibility Category

  • 27. Please see below for appropriate category:
    • (c)(3)(A) – for pre-completion OPT
    • (c)(3)(B) – for post OPT
    • (c)(3)(C) – for STEM
  • 28.a,b,c. Only complete if you are applying for STEM OPT.

Part 3. Applicant’s Statement, Contact Information, Declaration, Certification, and Signature (page 4)

This is a very important section and you must read the information given carefully. Please note that:

  • You MUST be in the United States while the I-765 is filed and received by USCIS
  • You also are declaring that all the information provided on the application is true, correct, has been reviewed, understood, and completed by you
  • 7.a; 7b. Do not forget to sign, and record the date (mm/dd/yyyy) on the I-765.

Do not complete Part 4, Part 5.

Part 6. Additional Information

To be completed only if you answered YES to question 12 or had prior Curricular Practical Training (CPT) approvals.

Provide a list of all previous OPT/EAD or CPT approvals:

  • 2. Record the A-number (USCIS#) for any prior EAD(s)
  • 3.a. Page Number: 2
  • 3.b. Part Number: 2
  • 3.c. Item Number: 12
  • 3.d. Record the validity start and end dates as printed on the prior EAD(s) or CPT approvals